Properties To Sell

Properties To Sell

Selling a property in Wentworthville – here’s why you should consider us

When it comes to buying, selling or renting a property, Move Realty leads the west.

Located in Wentworthville, we are specialists in the Wentworthville, Westmead, Pendle Hill, Giraween, Toongabbie, Seven Hills and Stanhope Gardens area with a satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5 by the clients whose homes we sold, or rented, in 2017. Details here.

Selling Property Wentworthville

Experience is the difference when it comes to selling your property at the price you want

The decision to Sell your Home is an emotional one. Often, your home is where your equity, and your memories, lie.

Given, we’ve been in the Real Estate Business for more than five years now, we are very cognisant of the ‘emotional value’ our clients place in the sale of their home.

We take utmost care, as a result, to ensure we ‘get’ this value, and realise it, to the fullest, for them.

What you receive, besides impeccable service

  • Detailed appraisal and pricing information on your property
  • Total commitment and guaranteed Seven Star Service
  • Personal marketing plan which includes promotional services designed to make sure their property gets noticed by the right people.
  • Qualified buyers inspecting your property
  • Computer-matching of the property to buyers through proprietary databases and techniques we use
  • Staff who speak your language – our staff speak 7 languages in all- English, Hindi, Italian, Romanian, Malayalam, Tagalog and Tamil
  • A single point of contact for you plus more.

Our most recent property sales

1. Residential home sale – 19 Ibis Rd, Lalor Park

Client Expectation: $780,000
Sale: $820,000
Expectation exceeded by: $40,000

2. Residential home sale – 266 Carrington Ave, Hurstville

Client Expectation: $1,650,000
Sale: $1,710,00
Expectation exceeded by: $60,000

3. Residential home sale 3 – 15 Bernard St, Westmead

Client Expectation: $800,000
Sale: $900,000
Expectation exceeded by: $100,000

4. Residential home sale 4 – 142 Pendle Way, Pendle Hill

Client Expectation: $1,600,000
Sale: $1,775,000
Expectation exceeded by: $175,000

The secret of our success- our passion for our industry and our decision to stand out by being an open, honest and transparent player in it

With more than $300 million worth of properties sold since inception, and over $2,849,685.00 worth of rental income generated for landlords, clients frequently ask us to describe ‘what makes us different’?

We have little hesitation in replying that it is our ‘passion’ for the Real Estate Industry (its residential, commercial and rental investment sectors), plus, the openness, honesty and transparency with which we regard our clients, and the financial and emotional equity in their homes, they entrust to us.

Too many Real Estate Agents ‘mask’ market realities just so they can get the customer in the door.

This can only end in disappointment. What we do, in contrast, is a proper and detailed appraisal using market, and other proprietary data we have at our disposal, ensuring we obtain the best price the market will deliver for you, given conditions at the time.

If you would like to drop in for a chat about selling your home, or renting it out as a property investment, please give us a call on (02) 9631 1101.  We would love to hear from you.