There were times when the sale and purchase of real estate was rather a simple business. Whether you were looking to buy or sell a residential or Commercial Real Estate, there was not a lot of effort required to make your point. Lives today have become too busy and same goes for the people in Northmead, NSW. Anyone who wants to make a real estate purchase or sale has to go through a long and tiring process to make sure they can get the right price for their property. This is what Move Realty offers you in Northmead now. We are your neighbourhood real estate agents!

If you are looking to Sell Real Estate, Move Realty can step in and make the process easier and worthwhile. We can take care of your ad campaigns, handle multiple offers and increase competition, help you attract the right customers and we even photograph your property to make the most of it. Move Realty does not only assist in selling, but can also assist you in buying or Renting Real Estate. We take into consideration all the underlying legal issues involved in real estate transactions and will also help you find the perfect place that suits you living. Property managers at Move Realty can handle your rental property or investment property with extreme professionalism and making sure client demands are being met at all times.

Move Realty, is now also operating in Northmead. You can contact us through our website or give us a call to find out more about our services in your area. Call 02 9631 1101

Why Choose Us?

Being in a saturated business, we are often asked by our clients that why should they choose to do business with us, as compared to other agencies that are out there? Below, we have listed some of the key reasons we think why Move Realty is the best at what they do.

  • Move Realty was born and is based in Sydney. This means, if you are in Northmead we are your local real estate agents and you can even visit our office physically. We are a licensed real estate agency and have been working in Sydney for over 5 years now, serving many different suburbs throughout NSW.
  • We have sales teams who have vast knowledge about the local market of all suburbs, and they can help you set up the perfect listing for your real estate sale. This includes all kind of things like, attracting the right buyers, negotiating to meet the demands of clients and making sure that ads are posted in all the right places to make this happen.
  • We can also set you up if you need to purchase real estate in Northmead or any other areas that we serve. Our team will guide you through the right steps and update you as often as you want about the listing you are interested in.
  • Apart from real estate purchase and sale, our real estate agents can also manage your investment property. ‘Rental Agents’ are also available to manage your rental property, which may also include finding the right tenants and making both parties come to a mutual agreement.

Move Realty is one of the best real estate agencies, which provide assistance with sale, purchase and management of all kinds of properties. Our team is totally committed towards our clients and ensuring their valid requirements are being met. We give you excellent market exposure, both in terms of buying and selling real estate in all of Northmead. Call 02 9631 1101