Sydney is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities with the perfect combination of lifestyle and culture. Westmead enjoys a thriving real estate, which also means property prices can be extremely high – nothing to lose if you are a seller! However, it makes it a bit harder to convince your buyer to pay that much price.

When you sell your house there is a lot at stake, especially if you have to move under a tight deadline. Choosing a Property Management Agent can be a tough decision for sellers as they have to pay money for an agent’s service as well.

If you are selling your property, list it on “Move Realty” and showcase your home to over a million prospective buyers every day. The process of advertising your property with us is really simple. Just fill out our simple user-friendly form on our website or contact one of our friendly Real Estate Agents to list it for you.

Move Realty is one of the best Real Estate Agents and Property Rentals in Westmead. We do all the works, saving you time and energy to get your home sold quickly that too for a good price.

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Property Management Agent Westmead

Following is a list of the main tasks that our agents handle for sellers.

Recommending an appropriate listing price

Move Realty, with an extensive experience, is able to suggest a list price that we think will best attract buyers to your home because we have access to all important information on sales of comparable houses. Sometimes we recommend a low price than you hoped, because may be the property is not worth that much or in order to bring in prospective buyers quickly and prompt some competitive bidding. Other times you may actually be undervaluing your property. Overpricing your house may cause your property to sit unsold for months.

Helping you prepare the house for sale in Westmead

Move Realty agents carry an experience of many years and therefore can advise you on how to make your home look its best to buyers. Depending on the current market, house appearance and budget, we may recommend you to transform your house or do a little de-cluttering. Our ‘Real Estate Agents’ can also provide useful referrals to painters, carpet cleaners, and repair people to help you get your house ready for sale.

Advertising the property for sale

Move Realty advertises the house by posting online, sending out flyers, hold open houses to attract as many buyers as possible. Our Real Estate Agents then show the house to interested buyer privately or at open houses.

Ensuring buyers receive proper disclosures

Sellers are bound to disclose any problems with their home, such as a leaky roof to potential buyers. Move Realty is here to explain state disclosure rules and provide you the forms that meet legal requirements.

Reviewing offers & negotiating a deal

Move Realty advice regarding price, staging, and marketing your house will sell your property for top dollar. With us you have the opportunity of choosing between many offers. With our expertise we will guide you on each and every step and review all the details of offers for any contingencies.

Our experienced Property Management agents will explain areas of concern and advise you on how to respond to different offers. Move Realty will work with the buyer’s agent to finalise the terms of the deal if you accept an offer.

Making sure everything gets done by the closing date

Once our client accepts a buyer’s offer, Move Realty will ensure that all contract contingencies are met and released by the dates stated in the agreement.

If you are looking for the perfect property to sell, rent or buy for a few months or for several years, Move Realty offers a diversity of options to suit your every need. Call us at 02 9631 1101 for more info.