Winston Hills is a suburb in Sydney, located about 28 kilometres away from the central business district. Winston Hills is a quiet suburb but that’s because the residents like to keep it that way.

It is an area known for the great community and everyone participating and doing their share of work to keep it a safe and good environment. This is what actually makes Winston Hills a perfect place to settle down if you have a family! Winston Hills is close enough to everything, but far enough to avoid the hustle bustle of the busy Sydney life.

If you’re looking to move to Winston Hills, you can contact Move Realty to help you find a place to rent or purchase. It is a beautiful suburb, where the houses have great landscape and the residential areas offer great neighbourhood. There are lovely parks all over the suburb, along with several educational facilities. It also has a pretty good shopping mall with major retailers and convenient stores.

The suburb also has active sports teams playing on national level hence there are a number of sports fields there too. Winston Hills is not very densely populated which isn’t very common in Sydney. The transport system makes a trip to the city and other suburbs quite easy as well. It’s the perfect place to move, if you’re planning to do it! Call 02 9631 1101

Why Move Realty for Sydney Property Management?

Move Realty has become one of the Sydney’s exclusive Real Estate Firms. We have a number of customers that we have helped settle down in many parts of Sydney. We are now operating in Winston Hills as well. If you want to purchase, sell or rent property there, Move Realty will help you do that with your best interests as our highest priority.

1. Our online catalogue boasts a number of properties available in Winston Hill. You can search the set options as to fit your person requirements and look for a place accordingly. When you see something you like, you can contact us and we can help you get it. We will also help you with the transaction process, if you have any questions.

2. If you are looking to Sell Property in Winston Hills, Move Realty can help you out. Everything will be handed by our staff, from the photographs of your property, ad campaigns and finding the most suitable offer to bring it to you. We can also help you out with all the legal procedures involved and guide you through it.

3. Do you have a Property in Winston Hills that have for renting out or investment purposes? Handling that kind of property can be a little difficult if you have a full time job and family. Move Realty offers property managers that can help you find tenants and bring both parties to an agreement. We will also handle any tenant complaints and make sure both sides get their ends of the agreement. Investment ‘property managers’ are also a part of our team, and can report back to you about the status of your finances as often as you’d want.

Move Realty is one of the best in business. Compared to private dealers, we offer a lot more and at much more affordable rates. Real estate purchasing and selling has never been easier! With Move Realty, you can even get property management for your rental or investment property. Looking forward to moving to Winston Hills? Call 02 9631 1101