prop-manageWhat is property management?

The process of managing property that available for lease or rent by maintaining and handling all the day-to-day activities that are centred around the piece of real estate. Property management may involve seeking out tenants to occupy the space, collecting weekly or monthly rental payment, maintaining the property and upkeep of the grounds.

Making your Investment secure

Anyone can promise you the best tenants and rental returns. But without a deep understanding of what makes your situation special your property’s potential may be limited. At Move Realty, we approach the property management differently. Extraordinary passion and the industry’s best processes are what set us apart. This is what our team uses to set your property apart from the rest, whether you are an experienced investor or a first time owner. We are a team of fiery professionals holding high the flag of Move Realty marching to reach the heights. Inspired by this passion and desire to be the best in the industry, we offer the best and personalised service in the business. This is what makes us different and makes your investment secure.

Right Tenant and the Best Rental Return

Our reputation for excellence as well as access to the most comprehensive list of prospective tenants means we quickly find tenants who are a perfect fit for your property. It’s not about mere numbers. It is about understanding your long term goals, what great investment means to you and the special characteristics of your property people will connect with. We provide personal attention. We take great care with all reference and identity checks, and initial property inspections, and we personally show all potential tenants through your property. Only the best and most suitable tenants are selected.

A Good Property Manager and a Great One

It’s all about caring

Our experienced team carry out detailed, regular property inspections, rent reviews and analysis of the area, so your property stays well maintained and you make the most of local market trends. We use only professional, licensed- trades men and suppliers. We manage rental payments efficiently and effectively, ensuring reliable, on time payments to you, our clients.

Focused service

With our systems in place and technology, what really sets us apart is our personal attention. You’ll receive regular updates from your single point-of-contact, including monthly and annual financial reports, along with information and ideas on how to lift your property’s long term value. Knowing that everything is taken care, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of professionally managed asset growth.

Our Approach

Ensuring your investment security is a responsibility we take seriously, and it’s reflected in the outcome of our team achievement. Adding value is something we take seriously.


Our Business Partnership

The way we work together puts you in the best possible position for future success. We don’t see you as just another landlord. We take an interest in what’s important to you and where you are headed. Whether you goals are to maintain a single property or own several more. We take pride in protecting your asset and actually caring for you as an investor. Our property managers will keep listening and asking the right questions, so the ongoing support and expert advice they offer suits your situation and sees you continue to benefit financially. This sort of business partnership that let you live your life with ease, while we focus on protecting your future security. If you own a rental property and are looking to maximise your return consider Move Realty Property Management Services. Industry leading systems and procedures and our philosophy of continuing innovation ensures you and your property are in the best hands.

Yeah, we make your move easy…