Rental Property Management

As an investor, you can enjoy stress free property management with Move Realty.

Enjoy Stress Free Property Management
With Move Realty Wentworthville, you can enjoy peace of mind as your rental property is managed by one of the most trusted real estate agencies. Our expert property management team will take care of the day to day issues so that you can rest assured that your property is the best hands.

Get the Right Tenant and the Right Rent
Move Realty employs a rigorous selection process in order to ensure that the tenants we place in our clients’ rental properties meet our clients’ requirements. The vast experience and knowledge of Move Realty property managers enables us to get best rental rates for our clients, as well as, provide regular rental review to update the rent in accordance with the market. Move Realty Property Managers have large network and portfolio of potential tenants and renters which allows us to ensure that your home will be tenanted as quickly as possible. If your rental property becomes vacant, as a client of Move Realty Property Management, you will receive online marketing on,, and at no cost to you.

We Understand Your Area
Move Realty Property Managers are locally based and consequently understand the market and variables that affect your local area. This allows them to ensure that your property is well managed.

The Best Technology
Move Realty uses cutting edge database systems to manage your property efficiently.

Clear Communication
At Move Realty, we ensure that our clients are well informed regarding their investment properties. We do this with clear communication with our clients notifying them of important issues such as rent reviews, market conditions and other relevant information.

We Resolve Disputes
The vast knowledge and expertise of Move Realty Property Managers allows us to represent our clients, when required, at mediations and tenancy tribunal hearings. Our membership with the Real Estate Institute of NSW means we have an in depth understanding of the legal procedures required to effectively manage your property. You can rest assured that if on the small chance a dispute occurs, a Move Realty Property Manager will effectively and efficiently handle your case.

For more information contact our property manager on 02 9631 1101