Move Realty is the no 1 local rental specialist. We are a Specialist Property Management and Real Estate company that dedicates it is time to leasing properties efficiently and quickly to ensure they continue to produce income for the property owners and investors.  

Move Realty helps property investors find and keep great tenants at great rent.  

Every member of our organisation is dedicated and focused on property management. We go that extra mile making our property owners our top priority we are here to be of service.  


If you are not happy with your current real estate’s service or are not confident in their services. Move Realty invites you to put your trust in our services for the most out of your investment. Move Realty will help you find tenants and manage your property for the most out of your investment.  


Enter your information below and find out if your property is renting at the right price. Get results quickly, easy, and absolutely free! 

Your monthly rental income is an essential part in your investment strategy. If you charge too little, it will affect your personal cash flow and restrict you from making repayments on time. However, on the other hand, if you charge too much, it can lead to sorter time of tenants within the property and longer vacancy periods.  


There are two reasons to always go for an expert’s opinion like Move Realty  

  1. If you want to lease your vacant property as soon as possible 

Move Realty is very experienced in leasing investment properties quickly while doing thorough checks on prospective tenants and taking the time to maintaining properties. Our property managers will make contacts to arrange access to your property to provide the most precise appraisal. We assign a real estate broker who will share our personalised marketing strategy to maximise your property returns and help achieve higher rent appropriate for your property.  

     2. If you want to do a price check of your property based on today’s market 

Move Realty is delighted to speed up the process with an electronic appraisal. Which is where our website comes in handy. You can use our electronic appraisal if you are looking to rent out your current property or purchase a new investment property, or simply want to reassure that your current real estate agent is not taking fooling you by not achieving the most in today’s market with an investment property.  

Simply fill out the below form and provide some brief details about your property. One of our team members, using real time market data, will provide you with an independent opinion of what your property should be renting. The entire process does not take that long, with a response that day or the next available day. We use current market data, industry databases to estimate the tenant demand in your area and for your property.  

We also compare current offers we have in Wentworthville, Westmead, Pendle Hill, Toongabbie, and Girraween. However, we operate outside of these suburbs and are not restricted to these suburbs.  


Move Realty look forward to demonstrating the genuine service that we have to offer property owners and investors. Providing personalised plans for your investment and your property provided by a team of passionate and experienced Real Estate experts.  


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