1. No More Wake-Up Calls

As the landlord, it is your job to fix any problem at the rental. If you hire Move Realty property manager, you will be able to say goodbye to any late-night or early morning emergencies. Your personal property manager will get the call if any problem arises and respond accordingly.

2. Efficient Tenant Sourcing and Screening

Our property managers can find new tenants faster with our vast connections, reducing the vacancy rates to very minimum. We can also screen tenants to save your time and energy.

3. Regular Maintenance and Repair Help

You do not have to be the on-call maintenance person anymore with Move Realty Property Manager.

4. Avoid Messy Legal Problems

Our Professional Property Manager is familiar with landlord-tenant law and therefore is able to handle the various complexities.

5. Get the Income Balance Right on Your Properties

Move Realty property managers know the market well and are familiar with the amount of money you can genuinely charge without keeping your property vacant for long.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Property without Having to Watch It

Our property managers can help if you are a long-distance landlord or you are too busy to keep a close watch on your property.

7. Stop Being the Bad Guy

It is your job as landlord to enforce the terms of the lease. You do not have to show up and try to reason with the rude, unreasonable, arguing tenant with our property manager on the duty.

8. Never Hear “The Check’s in the Mail” Again

As a landlord, you expect the rent to arrive each month on time. If your rent is late or your tenant refuses to pay to you, your tenant is able to live in your property rent-free, for as long as it takes to evict them. Our property manager will take immediate action if the rent is late and remain in compliance with the law.

9. No More Dreaded Evictions

Evictions are stressful for every landlord with a tremendous amount of red tape surrounding the lawful eviction process, and the hassle to change all the locks after the tenant is out. Move Realty property manager will handle the evictions for you – quickly and efficiently.

10. Have the Freedom to Invest in Better Housing Markets

You will be able to invest in properties that are out of town with our property manager since you do not have to manage the property yourself.